Updated Grocery Guide

Updated Grocery Guide

Posted on 09. Jul, 2011 by in 24 Day Challenge, Recipes & Food

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We have updated the Grocery List to assist with your meal planning and shopping for the 24 Day Program.  Please refer to the Program Page to print out instructions for each phase.  You may also refer to the meal suggestions and recipes for ideas.

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270 Responses to “Updated Grocery Guide”

  1. Sheila

    11. Apr, 2014

    What about limited amounts of posts? Like la cup of speghetti! I saw turkey burgers are okay with no katchup what what about the bun or mustard?

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    • AdvoGirl

      15. Apr, 2014

      @ Sheila,
      If you are talking about pasta and buns,no. No wheat on the cleanse. Spaghetti squash is okay. Turkey burger with a little mustard is fine – just be sure it is the meat only and no filler.

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  2. Meagan

    07. Apr, 2014

    Since whole grain products are the only “bread” options that should be eaten sparingly, is it ok to have Gluten Free products instead? Gluten free pretzels, bread, chips…

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  3. Jennifer

    28. Mar, 2014

    What about roasted beets?

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    • AdvoGirl

      01. Apr, 2014

      @ Jennifer,
      Roasted Beets are great. Limit to 1/2 cup serving.

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  4. m

    21. Feb, 2014

    What can u eat during the cleanse? I JUST started, today was day 2. When will I start to lose weight

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  5. KRandolph

    09. Jan, 2014

    what about unsweet tea on the 24-day challenge?
    also what about whole wheat white bread?

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    • AdvoGirl

      12. Feb, 2014

      @ KRandolph,
      Drink Spark and water. Herbal tea is okay. No bread on cleanse and definitely no white bread.

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  6. Leia

    04. Nov, 2013

    Can you have all natural peanut butter on the burn or refuel days after the cleanse? It’s hard enough without the fruit so no PB will be impossible.

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  7. Tee

    13. Oct, 2013

    Can u use mayo n what kind

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    • AdvoGirl

      14. Nov, 2013

      @ Tee,
      Use a tiny amount of canola oil mayo. Mix with plain mustard if making egg or tuna salad.

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  8. Kirsten

    06. Oct, 2013

    I know you mentioned Walden farms salad dressing is a good substitute during the 24 day challenge…is the BBQ sauce and/or pasta sauces acceptable? (In moderation of course)

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    • AdvoGirl

      12. Oct, 2013

      @ Kirsten,
      The 0 calorie dressings are okay in moderation. You could try those products as long as they do not stall you. Use in moderation.

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