Why Spark Instead of Coffee or Soda?

Why Spark Instead of Coffee or Soda?

Posted on 08. Sep, 2011 by in Advo Info

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I get a lot of questions about why to eliminate coffee on the Herbal Cleanse if Spark has caffeine.

Caffeine is a naturally occurring substance found in over 60 plant species worldwide. It has proven benefits for increased energy, mental alertness and as an aid in weight management.  It is provided in AdvoCare products as a purified ingredient or as a component of an herbal extract.  With Spark you do not have the acidity of coffee.

I must admit that when I did my first Herbal Cleanse, I worried about giving up my coffee habit and getting headaches.    Well, I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the fresh taste of Spark, and never got a headache or any negative effects.  In fact, I found that I was able to concentrate better, and didn’t have the “ups and downs” that I used to get when drinking coffee.  In fact, I liked Spark so much, that I rarely had a cup of coffee since, and that is pretty amazing given that I was choking down 2-3 cups a day prior to my first cleanse in October 2009.

Try Spark if you haven’t already, especially the newest flavor, Green Apple (yum!)


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45 Responses to “Why Spark Instead of Coffee or Soda?”

  1. amanda

    03. Mar, 2015

    Im not on any cleanse just the spark energy drink can I still drink at least one cup of coffee?

    • AdvoGirl

      15. Mar, 2015

      Spark has caffeine and is not intended to be used with coffee.

  2. Karen

    19. Feb, 2015

    I am a diabetic type 2 and sm concerned @ the sucralose in your biocharge and spark. I have do not use any type
    of sweeteners in my diet and read all labels. I noticed the two aforementioned products have this sweetener. Could this have an adverse effect on my diabetic control?

    • AdvoGirl

      23. Feb, 2015

      @ Karen,
      Check with your doctor.

  3. Joe Ernst

    14. Jan, 2015

    I have finished the 10 day cleanse. Can I have coffee during the rest of the 14 days?

    • AdvoGirl

      20. Jan, 2015

      @ Joe,
      For best results, use Spark and water.

  4. David

    12. Jan, 2015

    Unfortunately I had some misguided information, and have been drinking one 12 oz cup of coffee with sticks to start my day during the entire cleanse… I was told if I don’t have enough spark to drink 2 or 3 a day (which is the amount of coffees I would have) then one cup to start wouldn’t be bad… I’m on day 9, have a really screwed up my detox? I still feel great, etc…

    • AdvoGirl

      21. Jan, 2015

      @ David,
      Try to use only the Spark.

  5. Michael

    28. Nov, 2014

    Can I have decaf coffee during cleansing?

    • AdvoGirl

      02. Jan, 2015

      Decaf tea is okay, but Spark and water are suggested. For best results no decaf coffee.

  6. Briana

    15. Nov, 2014

    I wrote out a question about coffee and fat during the cleanse a few days ago and now I don’t see it…??

    Was really hoping for an explanation as to why both fat and coffee are limited during the cleanse, and if qualtiy sources of both are ok.


  7. Paula

    11. Oct, 2014

    I am on day 6 of the 10 day cleanse. I have followed itfaithfully! I broke down and had a coffee with half and half and one splenda. How will this affect the cleanse?

    • AdvoGirl

      02. Jan, 2015

      @ Paula,
      Get back on track.

  8. Rhonda Oden

    07. Aug, 2014

    Hi Advogirl,

    I am on Day 14 of the 24 day challenge and was wondering if I could drink “Unsweet Tea”?

    • AdvoGirl

      09. Aug, 2014

      @ Rhonda,
      Herbal tea is fine.

  9. Rosie

    27. Jun, 2014

    Herbal tea with spark is very yummy…I like to get creative

  10. Jess

    04. Apr, 2014

    I took a probiotic by accident instead of the herbal cleanse before bed. Should I still take the herbal cleanse tonight & what about tomorrow morning

  11. Julie

    08. Mar, 2014

    I’m on day 4 and drink the 8 oz of water with a scoop of Spark. I have headaches, feel somewhat nauseated and cannot sleep through the night. I’m wondering if it’s my personal reaction to Spark. I’d like to continue with the Challenge and wonder if cutting the scoop in half would help. Any others with similar experience and any advice?

    • AdvoGirl

      15. Apr, 2014

      Just continue on as normal in the morning.

    • brenda

      28. Oct, 2015

      I found day 3 & 4 were really hard I was nauseous and decided it was from all the water I had to tweak it a bit. I’ve been doing my spark with more than 8 oz of water. Don’t know the impact of that but it was that or quit because I just felt terrible. Fine now. Getting ready to try it hot as a morning tea

  12. Angela

    10. Feb, 2014

    Can you have root vegetables on the 10 day..like fresh beets?

    • AdvoGirl

      12. Feb, 2014

      @ Angela,
      Small amounts of carrots, onions are fine. Beets are high in sugar – would avoid on the cleanse. Go for broccoli, asparagus, celery, zucchini, summer squash, string beans, cauliflower, etc.

  13. Karen

    04. Feb, 2014

    As a dentist, I am very concerned about the acidity of cleanses and juicing and it’s effect on the teeth. What is the ph of Spark?

    • AdvoGirl

      12. Feb, 2014

      @ Karen,
      Complete Spark info is here.

  14. Amie mcdavid

    22. Jan, 2014

    So I just need a straight answer. I am on day 10 today and I have not cheated AT ALL! Can I have coffee tomorrow or no? Thats the only thing I miss and I smell it everywhere!!!!!!

    • AdvoGirl

      12. Feb, 2014

      @ Amie,
      Finish with Spark. 🙂

  15. cathy

    22. Oct, 2013

    I had horrible coffee/caffeine withdrawal for the first 3 days and was ready to quit the whole thing so I poured a cup of coffee till then had to pee!!! So while in bathroom I jumped on scale to see if I had lost anything and to my surprise I had lost 3 pounds! I came out and poured coffee down the drain…Im on day 8 of the 24 day challenge. I must say I am going to have a cup on day 11 after the 10 day cleanse. ..no two ways about it!!! Just to see if it still tastes soooo good and for drinking that godforsaken fiber crap drink. My reward to myself!!!

  16. AdvoGirl

    12. Oct, 2013

    @ Amy,
    You can use herbal tea.

  17. AdvoGirl

    04. Sep, 2013

    For best results use water and Spark. You can also use herbal tea.

  18. kim

    03. Dec, 2012

    What is the protocol on tea? My mother is taking the challenge with me and she drinks a lot of mcdonalds unsweetend tea. Is that ok or should she limit it?

  19. Ted

    12. Oct, 2012

    I am on day five of the 10 day cleanse, and still have a hard time with this argument about coffee vs spark. As said earlier, if you want to put up a comparison, do it with just coffee black with no additions. The only thing I keep seeing as a rebuttal is that spark has no acid. So what. Caffeine is a natural byproduct of coffee beans. Has no different affect than spark, other than it has added vitamins, why could you not drink coffee? As I can’t see any real reason not to drink coffee, I choose to add it to my allowances. So far I’m down six pounds, and still not sure if it’s the products or just the change in diet. I am thankful that my girlfriend talked me into it though. What Advocare has done is given me the catalyst for change.

  20. Tracy

    26. Sep, 2012

    Spark and green tea transfers caffeine in a nutritional way versus coffee and soda the acidity way. The way spark delivers energy is through natural caffein and vitamin sources. Plus you don’t get crashes or jitters. With soda and coffee when you crash on the caffein you tend to crave sweets or some sort of food to pick that rush back up. Now If you do get jittery you probably need to switch to a different energy source that Advocare offers called V-16. This product contains no caffein but still gives you the great energy your looking for.

  21. Mike

    15. Aug, 2012

    I am also very interested in the substitution of Spark with coffee. Honestly, I understand Advocare is a for-profit company; they will make money if we drink more of their products and less than alternatives (like coffee).

    But in essence, we can have both- evidently. The acidity in coffee doesn’t bother some people, and we enjoy the nutritional value of Spark.

    Just some kind thoughts. If you wish to compare Advocare Spark with a Starbucks alternative, then please do it apples to apples, meaning Spark to a regular Grande coffee – not some crazy overly-caloric beverage like a Starbucks® Grande Iced Café Mocha. You might as well throw a Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha in there as well (that one has 440 calories- makes your skew even more skewish).

    A regular grande Starbucks Pike coffee has 5 calories, and with Soy Milk, adds 3 grams of fat, 13 grams of carbs and 6 grams of protein.

    This comparison would seem more fair and less exposed to criticism. I agree that the cleanse seems more seamless without external factors (like coffee) in the mix. But given they are comparable, barring acidity, then a fair answer is warranted. I like coffee – a lot. But I can do without it, too. I just want to know.

    Thank you! 🙂

    • Stephanie

      16. Aug, 2016


  22. Ronda

    30. Jul, 2012

    I also would like to know what negative fact that a cup of black “decaf” coffee will have during the cleanse. It just seems like there is no straight answer given about it. It just sounds like your pushing the sale of spark. Please give me a straight answer without the pushing the spark. Thanks

    • AdvoGirl

      01. Aug, 2012

      @ Ronda,
      Not pushing Spark. You should also drink lots of water. During the cleanse all coffee is eliminated. The cleanse is basically a lube oil and filter getting your body ready to lose weight.
      The cleanse helps restore balance, break food cravings, and start weight loss.

  23. Steve McLendon

    29. Jul, 2012

    I have been following the coffee/Spark discussion because as a distributor this question is asked a LOT. OK, the caffeine isn’t the problem it’s the acidity. But many citrus fruits, like oranges, are acidic also but they are ok. Still having trouble understanding the acidity issue here.

  24. Naomi

    09. Jun, 2012

    I had headaches for the first 4 day of the 24 day challenge drinking Spark twice a day…I was only a 1 cup of coffee drinker. Obviously everyones response if different. So just because one person never got headaches won’t mean you won’t. No more headaches after the first 4 days!!

  25. Adam

    14. May, 2012

    Dr. Perricone, book The Perricone Diet has a strong stance against coffee. He states that the organic acids present in coffee boost our cortisol levels when we drink it. This crashes our metabolism and causes us to hold onto body fat. He calls it the death drink! Also, I believe if we are putting acids into our body it alters our pH levels away from the desired slightly alkaline

  26. Dawn

    12. Apr, 2012

    I just finished day 14:) lost 13 lbs as of this morning! I haven’t even thought of soda’s or tea and I Love them both Thank U for Spark and for those questioning about your drinks realize after a few days to a week you will have kicked a bad habbit of junk your body doesn’t need! Not to mention if drinking the amount of water you are supposed to I don’t know how you would have room or time to drink anything else:0) Enjoy your Day and May God Bless you with healthy bodies!

  27. AdvoGirl

    12. Dec, 2011

    Spark has caffeine without the acidity and is what we suggest. Try some different flavors.

  28. Jessi

    20. Sep, 2011

    You can do a spark just like you do your hot tea, it’s delicious 🙂

  29. Andrew Smith

    19. Sep, 2011

    Hey, I’m on my 24 day challenge on day 5 right now, I’m being as strict as possible while doing this. I have given up coffee and alothough I enjoy the sparks and not having any negetive side affects due to the lack there of. It’s september and getting colder and I just want something hot to drink that’s also healthy… any suggestions.. I’ve thought about herbal teas but couldn’t find any info about them at least from advocare.. so far I’ve just been drinking hot water with a splash of lemon or lime juice in it but it is becomeing boreing…

    • AdvoGirl

      20. Sep, 2011

      @ Andrew,
      Citrus Spark is great hot with a cinnamon stick! Orange works well also.