Meal Suggestions

Meal Suggestions

Posted on 28. Oct, 2009 by in 24 Day Challenge

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Here are some meal suggestions that work for the 24 Day Challenge:


  • Tuna with canola mayo, carrots, celery, cucumbers
  • Grilled chicken with steamed veggies and hummus
  • Grilled chicken salad with zero calorie dressing
  • Grilled fish and steamed veggies
  • Egg salad with mustard and canola mayo on top of mixed greens
  • Leftovers from dinner 🙂


What are your favorite 24 Day Challenge Meals?

* see recipe

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1,156 Responses to “Meal Suggestions”

  1. Wendy

    02. Apr, 2016

    Are California raisins OK with no sugar. Ingredients reads: California raisins

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  2. Karen

    22. Jan, 2015

    I agree with Kathy’s questions – very frustrating to get different info, missing info! Please answer her question #2 about the complex carbs. Many mean suggestions do not include carbs at all, even tho the daily planner has one listed for Breakfast and Lunch. And what does “if needed” mean? Please note exactly how many complex carbs we are to have each day, and if whole wheat pasta is ok during the cleanse.

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    • AdvoGirl

      25. Jan, 2015

      The Daily Planner is a newer addition. Our team does a stricter Challenge that we have been using for 5 years. Using these instructions, we eliminate all wheat, dairy, alcohol, coffee, sugar, etc. during the cleanse. Carbs should be less than 100 for the day. Most of us try to use mostly lean proteins, veggies and fruit. A half cup brown rice or half a sweet potato is fine at dinner.

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  3. Amy

    19. Jan, 2015

    What are my options for complex carbs during the cleanse phase?

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    • AdvoGirl

      20. Jan, 2015

      @ Amy,
      Best choices are 1/2 cup brown rice or Freekah, 1/2 sweet potato.

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  4. Kathy

    10. Jan, 2015

    We are doing the 24dayAllIn Challenge and finding it quite frustrating since the manual does not align with these tips, or other information we are finding online.
    Can you please confirm these questions. I would assume the other 90K people doing this are experiencing some of the same frustrations and confusion. Thank you.
    1. In what we got, nothing says to take 4 OmegaPlex pills each night as stated in a link in another FAQ. The bottle says 2. How much should we be taking. Will it matter that we are in day 5 and have only been taking 2?
    2. How many complex carbs in the Cleanse? Only 1? What does “if needed” mean @ dinner. (What makes it “needed”?) Which complex carbs? The guide book lists all complex carbs with nothing notating which ones should be avoided in the cleanse… such as, all varieties of potatoes and whole grain rice, pasta and bread, which we have been eating. Should we stop??
    3. An FAQ also says “broth” is not allowed during the cleanse. Can you explain why? It only contains mostly sodium so we thought that would be safe w/ chicken, veggies, etc. Should we be limiting sodium?
    4. Could you PLEASE review the 24Day Challenge daily guide distributed and comment on all the important points missing?
    Thank you.

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    • AdvoGirl

      21. Jan, 2015

      You can take 2-6 capsules a day. During the cleanse, taking 4 with dinner is suggested. Broth is usually high in sodium. Sodium should be limited. Our team follows this plan for many years, and we suggest for best results.

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