Healthy Meal Plan Suggestions

Healthy Meal Plan Suggestions

Posted on 01. Aug, 2016 by in General Info

Here are some meal plan suggestions that work for the 24 Day Challenge:


  • Tuna with canola mayo, carrots, celery, cucumbers
  • Grilled chicken with steamed veggies and hummus
  • Grilled chicken salad with zero calorie dressing
  • Grilled fish and steamed veggies
  • Egg salad with mustard and a tiny amount of canola mayo on top of mixed greens
  • Leftovers from dinner 🙂


What are your favorite 24 Day Challenge Meals?

* see recipe

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  2. Healthy Girl

    20. Jan, 2015

    @ Amy,
    Best choices are 1/2 cup brown rice or Freekah, 1/2 sweet potato.

  3. Shea

    03. Dec, 2014

    Oops – one more question – If I want oatmeal (ok with breakfast??) do you have any suggestions to add in? obviously NO milk or brown sugar 😉 maybe some sliced almonds?

  4. Shea

    03. Dec, 2014

    First off, Thanks so much for this site! And keeping it updated. I just two quick questions – this may be silly – is scrambled eggs (NO milk or cheese added) with only broccoli and sweet potato mixed in for breakfast ok? or strictly just HB egg and fruit? Next – After i’m done working out, what should i consume? I feel like my body needs something after a good workout!

    THANKS again! xo

  5. BB4L

    29. Nov, 2014

    Can I have any type of Whey, I am an college athlete and wanted to know if I can still drink my whey in the mornings or after workouts?

    • Healthy Girl

      02. Jan, 2015

      On the cleanse, our team avoids dairy. Your shake on Phase 2 has whey. You can also use Muscle Gain as a snack on Phase 2.

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  7. Healthy Girl

    06. Aug, 2014

    @ Ran,
    You can have 2-3 for breakfast and 1 if using as snack.

  8. Healthy Girl

    06. Aug, 2014

    @ Luke,
    Zucchini and summer squash don’t need to count as your carb, but butternut, acorn, etc. would count just like a half sweet potato.
    If you eat extra veggies, like greens, cucumbers, celery, asparagus without dressing, etc. you can increase your portions.

  9. Healthy Girl

    04. Aug, 2014

    @ Eva,
    For best results sick with leaner cuts of protein. Chicken, turkey, fish. Pork tenderloin would be acceptable if you need to use pork.

  10. newtothis

    19. Jul, 2014

    Can you have deli sliced Cajun turkey and oven roasted chicken breast for your protein?

    • Healthy Girl

      05. Aug, 2014

      @ newtothis,
      It is best to avoid deli meats as many of them have filler, high sodium content, and some even have sugar.

  11. Angela

    13. Jul, 2014

    How many eggs can you eat for breakfast. Also can i have grapeseed oil and ground turkey?

    • Healthy Girl

      06. Aug, 2014

      @ Angela,
      2-3 hard boiled eggs.Ground turkey is fine. Small amount of olive oil on salad is best.

  12. beth leblanc

    11. Jul, 2014

    Can i have cabbage

    • Healthy Girl

      06. Aug, 2014

      @ Beth,
      Cabbage is fine.

  13. Teresa

    16. Apr, 2014

    I’m allergic to peanuts. Is soy nut butter or sunflower butter OK?

  14. Ann

    13. Apr, 2014

    Suggestions for breakfast please

  15. anne

    30. Mar, 2014

    What are some ‘over the counter’ meal replacement shakes or bars that are equivalent to the advocare ones?

    • Healthy Girl

      01. Apr, 2014

      @ Anne,
      We only recommend Advocare shakes and bars

  16. Donna

    27. Mar, 2014

    This program is so confusing..The instructions that came with the program says you can have complex carbs for lunch and another for dinner if needed. Some ppl have no complex carbs, no whole grains ect… What exactly are you suppose to avoid on the cleanse because although i have been following the instructions it seems as if that is wrong. The cleanse phase food seems like the same food as Max phase….protein, complex carbs, veggies, fruits????? very frustrated

    • Healthy Girl

      01. Apr, 2014

      @ Donna, For best results, follow these instructions.

  17. jojo ortiz

    25. Mar, 2014

    Am in day 1 and um confuse as well….can i have bread(wheat) ?

    • Healthy Girl

      01. Apr, 2014

      @ Jojo,
      Follow these instructions. No wheat (including bread) during the cleanse.

  18. Brittany

    19. Mar, 2014

    I’m starting day 4 tomorrow. What is a good portion size for lunch. Chicken with whole grain pasta. Do I weigh as one? Or seperate? Not sure how much pasta is a good serving size.

    • Healthy Girl

      01. Apr, 2014

      @ Brittany,
      No wheat or any pasta during the cleanse.

  19. Suzy

    16. Mar, 2014

    Are mushroom OK for the cleanse? Portion size?

    • Healthy Girl

      01. Apr, 2014

      @ Suzy,
      Raw mushrooms are great. You can have a large portion.

  20. crystal

    11. Mar, 2014

    I’ve taken the fiber drink but I can’t keep it down due the texture will the night time pills work by them selvesI’ve attempted the drink 2 days now and it well don’t stay long. I’ve tried mixing it with the spark and it didn’t work for me either . please let me know

  21. meg

    02. Feb, 2014

    is it ok to have a glass of wine in the max phase?

    • Healthy Girl

      12. Feb, 2014

      @ Meg,
      Your results will most likely be better without wine.

  22. peggy

    23. Jan, 2014

    what about PB2? the powdered peanut butter instead of regular pb?

    • Healthy Girl

      12. Feb, 2014

      @ Peggy,
      That is fine.

  23. Danielle

    21. Jan, 2014

    The instructions say for breakfast, if you don’t have the MR shakes, to have a protein, carb, and veggie. So why do all suggestions say to eat a hard-boiled egg and fruit for breakfast, or oatmeal with fruit? Need more suggestions for breakfast options please!

  24. Carlos

    12. Jan, 2014

    I’m on day 7 on the cleanse I’m not sure I’m doing it right. Is there any kind of guide like like each day time how much I’m post to eat. That I can just print and follow I don’t mind eating the same thing over again.

    • Healthy Girl

      12. Feb, 2014

      @ Carlos,
      Here you go.

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    11. Jan, 2014

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  26. Kate

    07. Jan, 2014

    I am getting a lot of mixed information concerning complex carbs and the cleanse phase. I have followed the links you have provided to other comments like mine, but I am still not understanding. For example, is it okay to have 1/2 and avocado at lunch with a lean protein and 1/2 cup of roasted butternut squash with dinner (so 2 servings of complex carbs on cleanse)? The guide that comes WITH the 24-day challenge kit says that it IS okay, but then the link to the grocery guide on this website says it is NOT okay for the cleanse, but okay for phase 2. Can you please help shed some light on this if it is okay or not?

    • Healthy Girl

      12. Feb, 2014

      @ Kate,
      If you are losing quickly, should not be a problem. Otherwise 1 per day.

  27. Jody

    07. Jan, 2014

    can u make soups using only veg broth, veg, and chicken or turkey?
    Also can you make chili as well with organic ground turkey?

    • Healthy Girl

      12. Feb, 2014

      @ Jody,
      No broth.

  28. Theron

    04. Jan, 2014

    What type of salad dressings do you recommend?

    • Healthy Girl

      06. Jan, 2014

      See our FAQs.

  29. maggie

    31. Dec, 2013

    This may be a stupid question, but in the book when it says 1 serving of protein is 4-6 ounces, they mean for one meal?
    Because when I go on like they suggest, it says that amount is a daily recommendation. Meaning, I should eat only 4-6 ounces of protein a DAY? or per meal?

    • Healthy Girl

      06. Jan, 2014

      @ Maggie,
      3-4 ounces at lunch and 4-5 ounces at dinner of lean protein is a good guideline.

  30. Emily

    11. Dec, 2013

    Can you have all natural peanut butter during the cleanse phase as your protein? Are boiled eggs okay for breakfast during the cleanse phase? I am looking for quick meals as I have a hectic schedule. Thanks!

    • Healthy Girl

      29. Dec, 2013

      @ Emily,
      Here are some food ideas.

  31. fran

    06. Dec, 2013

    Can you have Mayo during the cleanse phase?


    • Healthy Girl

      10. Dec, 2013

      @ Fran,
      A tiny amount of canola may mixed with mustard is okay.

  32. Robin

    06. Dec, 2013

    I just started yesterday, can you recommend another protein to have for breakfast besides an egg?

    • Healthy Girl

      10. Dec, 2013

      @ Robin,
      YOu can have plain grilled chicken, turkey, or other lean protein.

  33. Michelle

    21. Nov, 2013

    I’m looking at days 11-24 and I’m overwhelmed at the amount of food suggested to eat! 3-4 eggs??!! I can’t eat that much food! Fruit and the meal replacement for breakfast, no need for morning snack-just spark, lunch of protein & veggie, afternoon snack and dinner is plenty for me. Will that be okay? Also, can I start having coffee again on day 11?

    • Healthy Girl

      24. Nov, 2013

      @ Michelle,
      For best results, drink Spark and water.
      Eat what is comfortable for you, there is no rule on eating 3-4 eggs.

  34. Monnica

    07. Nov, 2013

    I’d love snack suggestions for after dinner. I’m fine with fruit, veggies and nuts during the day but would love other ideas for night. Thanks

    • Healthy Girl

      14. Nov, 2013

      @ Monicca,
      If it is after the cleanse, use Muscle Gain.

  35. wc

    23. Oct, 2013

    can I take the herbal cleanse pills during the day? they are causing me to flush and wake up at night.

    • Healthy Girl

      14. Nov, 2013

      @ WC,
      Take a couple hours after dinner.

  36. kimela

    04. Oct, 2013

    I’m on day 5 and my advisor said it was ok to have wheat bread and dairy and now I see I wasn’t suppose to… what am I to do now? I really need to lose this weight and I’m getting frustrated as of now… please help

    • Healthy Girl

      12. Oct, 2013

      @ Kimela,
      Just continue on.

  37. TINKCHIK29

    30. Sep, 2013

    I too have the “new” checklist. should i not be doing complex carbs at ALL for the first 10 days? or just not for bfast? thanks!

    • Healthy Girl

      12. Oct, 2013

      @ TINKCHIK29,
      One complex carb a day will yield best results.

  38. Emilee

    25. Sep, 2013

    I about to start the 24 day challenge. Only problem is I work graveyard shift at the hospital 7pm-7am 3 nights a week usually. I eat at different times of the day on nights that i work and the day after. What do you suggest when it comes to when I take what at what times?

    • Healthy Girl

      12. Oct, 2013

      @ Start your day when you get up before your shift with breakfast and then continue on.

  39. May

    03. Sep, 2013

    I just started this today. I had 2 boiled eggs and the fiber drink and more water. I really wish they had a menu plan I can follow. I don’t have time to make all these different dishes and I work. I have been on the computer researching this and I can’t get a straight answer as to what to ear and not eat. Confusing to me as well.

    • Healthy Girl

      04. Sep, 2013

      This should help.

  40. CurlygirlAndi

    27. Aug, 2013

    After I have the fiber shake in the morning I am full. Do I still have to have breakfast?

    • Healthy Girl

      04. Sep, 2013

      For best results, have a hard boiled egg and some fruit so you are not so hungry later. You can wait a bit if you want.